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                                    JOHN V. CARR  



  Specialises in Events, Sports, Weddings, Christenings, Food, Jewellery, Buildings to Executives and everything   else in between.

  He has gained his experience over the past 30 years as a Freelance photographer and is experienced working   with many different Photographers and Model Agencies early in his career exposed him to the Skills and   techniques needed for various specialist areas which includes a Diploma in photography.

  Adding his passion for photography to that early on-the-job education, John has an unrivalled ability to   visualise an image before taking a single shot, and a willingness to go that extra mile to have outstanding   results.

  • Strong work ethic.

  • Consistent delivery of a high quality service.

  • Innovative and creative approach to each project.

  • Offering advice based on extensive experience.

  • Ongoing investment in the latest technology.

  His reputation has been earned by: Strong work ethic Consistent delivery of a high quality service Innovative   and creative approach to each project offering advice based on extensive experience ongoing investment in the   latest technology So capture your special Wedding Day, a moment with your Family, children and pets with a   portrait photo shoot or to mark That memorable corporate event, he is ideal for family portraits, fashion   shoots, corporate Appointment shots etc.

  Based in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, and has won many awards for his work over the years but other work can be   on location anywhere in Ireland and further afield if required.

Besides his passion for Photography he is also a Web Site Designer and Web Site Hosting services.